Thank you for your interest in Indy Urban Hardwood Company.  Here is an overview of our services and what you should expect:

We mill onsite with a Wood-Mizer LT30.

We do not cut down trees, haul logs off site, or remove stumps and roots.

Preferred wood is no larger than 36" in diameter and no smaller than 16" in diameter. Ideal tree trunk sections are generally 8' in length. We are unable to mill wood with decay.

While we are onsite we will hang a banner for neighborhood awareness. Upon completion, we will do our best to remove all sawdust and leave minimal impact to the area.

Please note that because we do not haul logs offsite to mill, accessibility is a key issue. If you have a fence around the area with down trees we will need to discuss temporary removal of a portion of the fence for access.

Indy Urban Hardwood does not charge to mill and remove wood. In the event you want to keep any of the wood (raw or dried), we will negotiate a rate in advance.  Additionally, if you are interested in customized furniture or furnishing we offer many design services.

If you are interested in scheduling a site visit please contact us!