Thank you for your interest in Indy Urban Hardwood Company. Below is an overview of our services. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact us via email at

MILLING: $150 Mill Setup Fee + $1 per board foot for wood you wish to keep. No charge for donated logs (See below for info on log donation).

WOOD STORAGE: $1 per board foot for wood storage prior to kiln drying.

KILN DRYING: $1 per board foot.  Wood must be air dried to a moisture content of 25% or below to be kiln ready.  Kiln drying time varies by species, dimension, and moisture content. Most kiln loads take approximately 2-3 weeks to reach the preferred range of 6-8% moisture content.

COMMISSION WORK: Complimentary email or phone consultation for initial request through first estimate/quote.  If estimate/quote is approved pricing is as follows:

Design Meeting: $125  

Supplies/Materials: (Amount varies based on scope of work.)           

Fabrication/Production: $125 per hour

LOG DONATION: Though we do not typically haul logs off site we will do our best to work with you if you would like to donate a log to Indy Urban Hardwood.


We mill onsite with a Wood-Mizer LT40 Wide.

We do not cut down trees or remove stumps and roots.

Preferred wood is no larger than 36" in diameter and no smaller than 16" in diameter. Ideal tree trunk sections are generally 8' - 12' in length. We are unable to mill wood with decay.

While we are on site we would like hang a banner or post a sign for neighborhood awareness. Upon completion we will do our best to remove all sawdust and leave minimal impact to the area.

Please note that because we do not haul logs off site to mill, accessibility is a key issue. If you have a fence around the area with down trees we will need to discuss temporary removal of a portion of the fence for access.

If you are interested in scheduling a site visit please contact us!